I grew up moving around every five years. My dad wasn’t military, but he did work for the government. But my grandparents lived in Virginia, and we would go visit at least twice a year. All four of my grandparents lived in the same small town. I loved going, and that was mostly because my grandparents, and other relatives, used to spoil me. I would get whatever I wanted to eat, I loved visiting and catching up with everyone, or going on adventures with different ones of our relatives. I loved staying by myself with Mom’s parents, giving me hours on end to read or watch tv in quiet.. Okay, so why I am telling you all of this? Because today we are going to say at Williamsburg, and Williamsburg is one of the places we used to take adventures. Let’s take a look at some of the things you and your your family can do in this wonderful city.

  • One thing Williamsburg definitely has is history. In fact, coming here you are also going to be close to Jamestown and Yorktown. These cities are all part of our Colonial history, and it would be a shame not to see all three. In Williamsburg, you are going to find a small colonial village. Everyone who works there dresses the part, and their shops are set up just like they would have been in those times. You can also eat the foods that they would have eaten. You will also be able to listen to lectures all about their way of life back then.
  • You will also find two art museums that you might enjoy. These will be about history too. These will be more than just paintings. Look at their German toys, or enjoy their Navajo rugs, or the displays of furniture. Anyone interested in early America should see these museums.
  • After all of this history, your family might want some plain fun. Williamsburg has Busch Gardens. This was one of my favorite places to go as a little girl. And they still have their sections like little countries of Europe. I remember that. They have sections like Germany, France and Italy. I remember loving the food, but I was pretty young, and things could have changed a lot.

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