Tulsa, Oklahoma

Have you always wanted to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma? Maybe you have friends or family that you want to visit there. Let’s look at some of the interest points that you might want to visit.

  • The first place we are going to look at is The Woody Guthrie Museum. Tulsa is big into country music. For those that don’t know, Mr. Guthrie is the one that wrote, “This Land Is Your Land”. He was also a true inspiration to Bob Dylan as well as other musicians. Or you might want to enjoy an evening at the symphony.
  • Not only will music lovers enjoy this city, so will art lovers. You will find a lot of Art Deco buildings here. You will also find some great galleries and museums to explore.
  • Families will want to go down to Tulsa’s Cherry Street. Saturday morning is the time you’ll want to do that because they have a farmers’ market in the warmer months.
  • You will also want to walk through their Oil Capitol Historic District. They have a zoo and an aquarium that you and your family might enjoy.

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