Plan a surprise trip

I have been catching up on things that I need to, looking at jobs, things like that. It would be so nice to find something I can actually do to make money and then start to figure out some things with the business. There is lots that I’m thinking through, but anyway…. Have you ever thought of planning a surprise trip for someone? Maybe you want to do something special for your husband’s birthday. Or maybe you want to do something nice for your best friend. Perhaps your friend has had an awful year. Of course, it is 2020, who haven’t had the were a rough year? Let’s look at some things you can do to plan a surprise trip for someone.

  • The hardest part of this job may be figuring out when you are going to be able to do this. Here are some ideas that might help. Are they in school? Find out when they are going to have breaks? Do they work? Is there any way that you can call their boss and arrange for a few days off? If they are a housewife, I’m guessing that your best bet would be to talk to the husband to find out what would work well for them.
  • And the second big question is where do you want to go? I’m guessing that you will want to go with them? Maybe you have a group of three or four close friends, and that little group does everything together. But back to where you are going to go. Is there a place where your friend has always wanted to go? Or maybe your little group a place they have always dreamed of going together.

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