Plan a surprise trip #2

Being surprised with something special can be a whole lot of fun. But planning a surprise for someone care about can be even more fun. You are the one that is doing all of the planning. You are planning a fun little trip for you and some of your best friends. Let’s get back to the discussion we started yesterday.

  • Yesterday we talked through some ideas of what kind of destination you might want to go to. Another big question that you are going to have to think through is, what kind of place do you want to stay in? The least expensive options would be to stay in a friends’ home or to go camping? But what would this friend that you want to surprise prefer? Is she someone that likes to camp, or is she more of a resort type of person?
  • And this brings me to another important question. Who’s paying for this trip? Does everyone want to pay for their trip, and then chip in a little more for your guest of honor? Does her husband want to pay for her?
  • Planning a surprise trip where you go out of the country can be a lot of fun, though somewhat trickier? First, do you know if your friend has a passport? If not, you will need to be pretty sneaky to figure out how to get her to get one without letting on.

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