Planning that surprise trip #3

Let’s keep looking were at surprise trips, and how to plan it so that no one who goes on the trip will forget it.

  • How do you tell them about this special trip? Does your little group do things together, like maybe you have lunch together on a regular basis? Or maybe this trip is celebrating a birthday or something like that? It’s probably best to tell them a couple of weeks before you are to leave. Your friend will need to pack and all of that.
  • Now how are you going to tell them. You and your friends might want to make up a card. Or you might want to want to write her a letter.
  • And now, let’s talk about some things you should do on the actual trip. You are going to know your group of friends. You will know how much everyone likes to be together, and how much everyone needs to be by themselves.
  • Are you to eat out the whole time, or are you going to cook some? If you are planning to cook, is your guest of honor going to share in that?
  • Do you want to go somewhere and just hole up somewhere, playing games, watching your favorite movies, and catching up? Or do you want plan outings? Again, think about what the friend you are planning this trip for would enjoy most.

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