More on theme parks

Theme parks are most children’s dream come true, a lot of parents’ nightmare. Today we are going to look at some more tips that might make everything less of a nightmare.

  • You will want to take snacks and drinks. Look online to see whether the park you are going to will allow you to bring food into their park. If not, leave it in the car, unless your hotel is right beside the park. Take foods and drinks that you know your children love and consider special. That way, maybe they won’t beg for everything that is being sold.
  • I know that I’ve told this before, but when our family would stay at hotel for a while, we would have cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, then we would eat out somewhere for dinner. Eating at a theme park is usually going to be very expensive.
  • You might want to go back to the hotel in the middle of the day. Entice your children with a movie. Rest when everything is so busy is never bad idea.
  • Set a budget for each person in your family. Kids might want souvenirs, or they might want some of that junk food. Let them decide within reason.
  • Take sunscreen. Take your first aid kit. And do not forget the wipes.

Theme park advice

To a child, nothing could be cooler than to be taken to a theme park for a vacation. For parents? It might be your worst nightmare. You’ll be wondering about how much money a vacation like this is going to cost you. You dread the meltdowns you think your kids might have. You even wonder if you yourself might have a meltdown or two along the way. Here are some tips that might help you.

  • You will definitely want to plan ahead. Take time to plan out what you would like your trip to look like. Holidays and summers are, of course, the busiest times for the theme parks, so that is not when you want to go. Take the time to study the park’s website and figure out which attractions will be most appealing to your family. You will also be able to get a feel for the restaurants that they will have and things like that.
  • You will probably want to go on and order your ticket online. You will save time that way, but you will also likely save money.
  • Okay, we talked some about summers and holidays. Can you go in the middle of the week? That is when most amusement parks are going to be dead.
  • And you will want to be among the first to be at the park in the mornings. And this is especially true if you want to hit all of the best rides.


I have some other things going on today. And I want to do my best to make sure this gets done. Today let’s look at some things were you shouldn’t do when you are going on vacation.

  • I know I’ve said this before, but you do not want to pack too much. You are not going to use half of what you think you will. You will be way too busy enjoying vacation. You do not want to be carrying all of that stuff around with you everywhere you might go.
  • Bringing a friend along on a trip can be a lot of fun, if you bring the wrong friend. If you’re picturing laying on the beach, and they’re wanting to go have were lots of adventures together, you both are going to be frustrated. Talk about what you envision for your vacation.
  • If you are going to a place that a lot of people don’t usually travel to, you will want to be sure to do your research. Make sure you know how you are going to communicate with the people. Are you going to hire a translator? Are you going to learn their language. You will also need to figure out how you will get around.
  • But you also don’t want to over research. You shouldn’t have every minute planned out.. Let yourself get lost from time to time. Meet the people and do things with them.

And more travel tips

We are going to get back to some more random travel tips today. And that is mostly because I don’t know what else to write about. I would love to hear of any travel questions that you might have. Comment on this, or write me at

  • Things do go wrong when you are on vacation. Anyone that tells you differently is lying to you. But you will want to keep some cash in at least a couple of places to help you in emergencies. Keep a couple hundred on your person at all times, and another couple hundred at the place where you are staying.
  • You will want to keep your computer backed up. You do not want to lose any important documents or pictures. You will also want to keep digital copies of things like your passport and things like that. Buy an extra hard drive, and also find online backup service to be extra safe.
  • When you travel, it is easy to skip your workout routines. It is also easier to eat whatever you want and forget about any diet that you might be on. And of course, many people don’t want to sleep like they usually do. They are too busy having fun. If you only travel once or twice a year, this is probably not a big problem. If you travel once a month, that could become a real problem.
  • Traveling with family is a lot of fun, and maybe a lot of work. Traveling with friends can also be a lot of fun. But traveling by yourself is where you’ll learn most about yourself. This is how you learn to do for yourself.

More on Hawaii

I know that I’ve said this before, but I really do not like reporting on what is open to travel to and what isn’t because of this virus. That is a lot of what travel news is about these days. Personally I find that depressing. So I think we are going to look some more at Hawaii, and what a vacation there might look like.

  • One big question that a lot of people are going to have is how much does a trip to Hawaii cost? Well, like pretty much any other vacation that you would go on, cost is going to depend on a lot of factors. Let’s look at some of those to start with. First, who would you like to go. A lot of people want to go during the holidays or in the summer. If you can avoid were these times, you are likely to save money. Another factor is where you are flying from. West Coast people are going to get better deals because they are closer. Your cost is also going to depend on how you like to travel? Are you good staying in pretty inexpensive accommodations and eating inexpensively? Or is it important to you to travel in luxury?
  • Yesterday we said that there are six islands that make up Hawaii. How do we know which are the island or islands that will be best for you and your family? Hawaii gets a lot of their revenue through tourism, so they do have a good website where you can find out what each island has to offer. Go look at some the pictures and watch some of the videos on the different islands.


I have kind of been struggling with what to write about on this blog, you may have been able to guess that. But today I remembered that it was Pearl Harbor Day. And so I’ve decided to look at Hawaii. So let’s get started.

  • Perhaps this would be your first time to visit Hawaii, and you’re beginning your research not knowing much except that it is a beautiful place. The thing is that Hawaii is made up of six islands. Is it possible to visit all six in a week’s time? Yes, it is. But there is so much to do on each of the islands that trying to visit all the islands in a week is going to be both exhausting and frustrating. So if you have just one week, it is recommended that you visit only one island. If you want to have a ten to fourteen day, visit two islands.
  • Okay, visiting Hawaii is pretty great any time that you want to. When it comes to the weather, it is pretty perfect any time that you want to go. You will be enjoying tropical weather which is great for when you want to go hang out on the beach. So to when is Hawaii crowded? For the most part, it isn’t going to feel crowded at any point. Honolulu might be one exception to this. Holiday times and summers are going to be the busiest times for Hawaii. We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow

Games you can play

I know that this is kind of a different post. But it is Saturday, and I’m just trying to get something up. One of the things many families like to do when they go on vacations together is to play games. Let’s say that you are going to go to a cabin for your Christmas vacation. You might want to take note of some of these games.

  • This first one made me smile because the checkers board came out frequently over our little Thanksgiving gathering. Taking that board will give checkers and chess, and it will also give the ability to play backgammon. Don’t know how to play these games? Vacation is a great time to learn.
  • Do you have a set of dominoes? Do you know how many games you can play with those things? You can set up an elaborate course with the dominoes and then watch them fall. I think everyone knows about that. But there are also all kinds of games you can play with them. Look up dominoes online.
  • Bring some cards. You will want to bring several decks. Not only might you want to have a couple of games going at the same time, the littler ones among you might to play. Bring them a deck you don’t especially care about.

Keeping kids happy on road trips

I have a confession to make. I love going to see family and friends, but I don’t like traveling itself. Because of my disability, it isn’t easy to keep me comfortable in a vehicle. And there is not a lot I can do in a car. I love it when we listen to books in the car. Parents often have trouble keeping their keeping their children content while on those long drives. I know that a lot of people now have the ability to play movies in their vehicles. And of course, most kids now have their own tablets or whatever. But even those things can get old after a time. Today let’s Look at some other things that might help you keep your children entertained on your next road trip.

  • This has nothing to do with being on the road, but a lot of kids will love having their own luggage. Personally it made me feel so grown up to have a suitcase to myself. My grandparents got my sister and I matching red suitcases. They were so much fun.
  • They put things out there that are fun but also mildly challenging. This could be a 3d puzzle or maybe an educational game or two.
  • What child wouldn’t want to do some coloring on a road trip? The good news for parents is that they now have some less messy options that are available.

Holiday road trip tips

We have gotten through Thanksgiving, but now the Christmas season is upon us. Are you and your family going to travel for Christmas? If you plan to be driving any distance, these are some ideas that might help you..

  • First, is your car safe? Have you checked things like tires, battery, brakes, and all those other things? Do you know enough about cars to feel confident doing an inspection of your own, or should you have your favorite mechanic take a look?
  • You will want to know which way you are going well before you are to leave. I know that traffic can be highly unpredictable. But if you are going through a big city, try to work around their rush hours.
  • Put your gifts and anything that you are sure you don’t want to break well away from your children. You do not want anyone to accidentally knock something and have it break. Along the same lines, you probably want to save wrapping your gifts until after you reach your destination.
  • Traveling with children? Make sure that everyone stays together when you stop for a bathroom break or to get something to eat. And speaking of food, always travel with snacks. Try to pick foods that are not especially messy.

The Celebrity Apex

I feel like we haven’t really talked about cruises lately. So let’s talk about the Celebrity Apex, and some of what it has to offer to you and your family.

  • The first thing you need to know is that the Celebrity Apex was supposed to set sail to the Bahamas in March. But something happened to interrupt that plan, I’m not sure what that would be? Just kidding. Anyway, it doesn’t look like they are quite sure when they are going to do their debut sailing.
  • The ship has something they call The Retreat, which is something all suite guests can enjoy. It is a lounge where you can get snacks and coincierge services. They also have a restaurant. Celebrity is working on putting The Retreat on some of their older ships as well.
  • The ship’s rooms are not going to be your average cruise staterooms. You will feel more like you’re at a luxury hotel. You are going to find a lot of room and plenty of light.
  • And believe me, they do not forget that everyone will need to eat on they’re ship. For starters, they have four main dining rooms, each with a different feel. But you will have nearly thirty different dining options in all. Some of those there is a fee to get into.