More about Carnival Glory

Let’s keep looking some more at what Carnival’s Glory has to offer its guests.

  • Yesterday we ended with talking about some of their casual dining options. Today let’s start by looking at some of their nicer restaurants. Cruises are times where you can do what you want when you want. Why not take are some time one evening to get all dressed up for your husband and go to one of these nicer restaurants? Just a thought. They have a nice steakhouse where you can have a nice brunch. They also have a Chef’s Table, where it looks like you can watch people cook. And what they call the Dining Room is going to give you three courses.
  • And Carnival knows that sometimes you just want that sweet treat. They have ice cream shops that you can go to. Are you someone that loves coffee and wants to drink it all of time? They will have places where you can get coffee and pastries.
  • Of course, you can’t eat all of the time. Some of you might want to go to the gym and work off all that food. Or you might want to go so you can get hungry again. You are going to work out facing the ocean. They have floor to ceiling windows in this part of the ship. They also have nice equipment.

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