Norwegian’s Encore

We are going to look at Norwegian’s Encore and some of what it has to offer its guests. This ship made its debut in 2019, so I’m guessing that it is still going to feel fairly new. It has twenty decks, sixteen of which are available for. They have a crew of two thousand and are able to host four thousand guests.

  • Do you and your family love playing Mario Kart together? What if you could actually race around a track? Norwegian has put one of the longest tracks at sea on this ship. Part of the track will be out over the ocean. Race your family, or race the friends that you will meet on board the ship.
  • Norwegian also has laser tag on board this ship. Here you are going to be in the lost city of Atlantis. You will be fighting sea creatures. And this is one of largest open air laser tag options at sea.
  • I have a confession for you, I have never done anything with Virtual Reality. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But apparently, there is a great VR maze on this ship. And it is supposed to be better than a lot of VR stuff on land.
  • They have two water parks on this ship. One sounds like it’s for children, though it sounds like adults are able to play at this park too. They are going to have the tamer slides and things. The other water park is for those that want more of a thrill.

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