More about the Norwegian Encore

I have been out a lot today. It was kind of nice to do something different. But I am ready to get my work done, so let’s get back to our discussion about the Norwegian Encore, and some more of what it has to offer its guests.

  • You are going to be sailing on the beautiful ocean, you will want to take some time to enjoy the views. Norwegian knows that you will want to do this. They have built an observation deck for you to do just that. It is a great place to meet your fellow guests. It is also a fantastic place to take your selfies.
  • Have you always dreamed of going to The Big Apple to see the shows on Broadway? You don’t have to go to New York, just go on a cruise. Some of Broadway’s hits are going to come to the ship. And usually you will not have to pay to get into the shows on cruises.
  • Not only does this have some great shows, they also have a great restaurant that will make you feel like you are in NYC. The restaurant is called Onda. And in this upscale restaurant, you are going to be enjoying Italian cuisine.

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