Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas

I have a lot that I am trying to get done today. And my family has plans for later on today. I am looking into jobs and other stuff. Hopefully something is going to shake loose here. But anyway, today let’s look at Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas and some of what they have to offer their guests. First of all, this ship has thirteen decks, with twelve open to guests. This ship has a whole lot of glass so you can see the beautiful waters. It was built so that it could go to a lot of different places.

  • The first thing that we are going to look at is their staterooms. They have several categories that you can choose from. They have exterior rooms which means that you can probably look out on the water. They have interior rooms, and these are probably the least the least expensive. Most people are not in their rooms much anyway. And they also have five different suite types.
  • When you book your cruise, you will not only get your stateroom, but you will also get the meals that you will eat eat in the main dining rooms or buffets, some room service, theater shows and other entertainment, and children’s activities. You are not going to get into any of their specialty restaurants without paying. You will also not get free internet.
  • In the main dining rooms, you will be enjoying full menus and sit-down meals. Their buffet is going to give you a lot of options. And it looks like they only have a couple of other restaurants where you can eat without paying extra.

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