More benefits of going on vacation

Ugh, I must confess that it’s really hard for me to take a vacation is. The problems? I love what I do, feel bad when I do not work if I am online, and really do not like being away from the internet. The times I usually take off are when my family gatherings, but even then I might try to sneak work in.. I’m working on this. But let’s look some more at benefits of taking vacations.

  • Research has shown that it is good for your gut to eat different foods from time to time. This is going to help you introduce new bacteria to your digestive system which will help boost your immune system. That is good any time, but maybe never more so than these days.
  • Do you dread taking time off because you think they may see that you are unnecessary? Think again. Research shows that workers who do take time off are more likely to be promoted. Maybe that’s because the workers that use the vacation time are more able to concentrate on their jobs.
  • Hotels try to make sure they have nice beds to make sure you sleep well during your stay with them.. I think my sister and her husband have somehow bought a mattress from a hotel company. And taking time off should make you think, and worry, less about work.

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