Romantic places to go

Things are not turning out the way I thought they would. I thought I would get some internet time each day. And unless I’m mistaken, I’m not going to have internet a lot of next week either.. Things will get back to normal after that, I think.

Maybe you didn’t have the best Valentine’s Day, and you and your husband have decided to take a romantic getaway. Today let’s look at some places that you might want to consider going to.

  • Santorini, Greece is known for being a great place for romance. This is an island, so you are going to be surrounded by beautiful water. They have beautiful white buildings. They have some great archeological sites you can go through. And of course, this is Greece, so you are going to get some excellent food there.
  • Do you want the ultimate romantic experience? Go to Paris? This is known as the “city of love”. They are going to have some wonderful museums for you. It is also a beautiful city to just sit and watch at night. They have a lot of great restaurants and hotels for you to choose from.

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