Caribbean for cheap

Places are slowly starting to open up in the Caribbean. And if you go sometime this year, you are going to be able to get some fantastic deals. Let’s look some of those today.

  • You will want to consider going to the Bahamas. There are going to be a lot of inexpensive tickets to Nassau, especially if you are somewhere on the East Coast. You can get some fantastic deals at the Sandals Resort or Beaches Resort. The same will hold true for Baha Mar. You will have to have a negative test of no more than five days old and will have to opt in to their health insurance.
  • The Dominican Republic is another great place to consider going. You will have to pass a breath test, but no other test. You will find great prices on airfare as well as accommodations.
  • Anyone from our great country is not going to need a passport to get into Puerto Rico. You are going to have to take a test in order to be let in. And this is yet another place that is offering you an inexpensive place to vacation in.

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