More Caribbean destinations

Life feels crazy in a number of ways. I think I may have found some actual paying work. Meanwhile I’m still not sure when I’ll have internet and when I won’t. It is going to be at least another week of not being sure of internet. Let’s get back to some more Caribbean destinations that are going to be inexpensive for you.

  • The Virgin Islands, like Puerto Rico, are part of our United States, so you will not need to worry about a passport or anything like that. It also looks like you will need to take a test in order to enter but not to return. Some people are going to be able to fly there back for under two hundred. Use the extra money on luxury accommodations.
  • Any time from late spring to early fall is a great time to go to Curacao. It sounds like this place is pretty inexpensive any year that you would like to go. They do not get many hurricanes. You can get more inexpensive flights by agreeing to more stops. You do have to show a negative test.

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