More Miami hotel

Let’s look at more Miami hotels.

  • Do you and your family just want to find a really nice hotel where you can play at the beach? You might want to try W South Beach. Here you are going to be right on the water. You will also be near Collins Avenue, which I hear is a pretty happening place. You will get beautiful views right from your room with floor to ceiling windows. You can also get a room that has a private balconies. There is a full spa.. And you will have at least a couple of restaurants to choose from right there on the property.
  • The Confidente Miami Beach has been opened since the 1940’s. The style of this place is art deco. Again you are going to have a couple of different restaurants to choose from. They also have a really nice spa. They have some beautiful pools for you to enjoy.
  • Do you dream of going somewhere and sit in the lap of luxury for a while? Consider Delano South beach. Here you will find luxurious rooms with fantastic bathrooms. They will also have great restaurants for you to enjoy.

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