More benefits of going on vacation

Ugh, I must confess that it’s really hard for me to take a vacation is. The problems? I love what I do, feel bad when I do not work if I am online, and really do not like being away from the internet. The times I usually take off are when my family gatherings, but even then I might try to sneak work in.. I’m working on this. But let’s look some more at benefits of taking vacations.

  • Research has shown that it is good for your gut to eat different foods from time to time. This is going to help you introduce new bacteria to your digestive system which will help boost your immune system. That is good any time, but maybe never more so than these days.
  • Do you dread taking time off because you think they may see that you are unnecessary? Think again. Research shows that workers who do take time off are more likely to be promoted. Maybe that’s because the workers that use the vacation time are more able to concentrate on their jobs.
  • Hotels try to make sure they have nice beds to make sure you sleep well during your stay with them.. I think my sister and her husband have somehow bought a mattress from a hotel company. And taking time off should make you think, and worry, less about work.

More benefits of taking a vacation

Yesterday we talked about some health benefits of taking a vacation. Today let’s look at some other benefits taking a vacation May have on our lives.

  • We kind of started talking about this yesterday, but when you do the same things day after day, it is going to get old, and you are going to get bored. You probably just want to get all your work done. You don’t care how good it is. But leaving work for a time is going to give you new inspiration.
  • Also when you do the same things day after day, you will find yourself making fewer new friends. Travel is going to help with that as well. You may be surprised by just how much you have in common with someone you meet abroad.
  • Everyone is going to get tired of doing the same things day after day after day. Everyone needs to change things up from time to time. Doing the same things may put you in a bad mood. You may find yourself snapping at a coworker, your spouse or your children. Taking time away and going on vacation is going to help. Even just planning a trip is going to help you improve your attitude.
  • Stress not only wears on your body, it also takes a toll on your relationships, maybe especially your marriage. Studies have shown that couples who travel together are happier.
  • There is more to life than just your small world. Travel is a great way to expose you and your children to other cultures.

Why go on vacation

We are going to be traveling some this month. I’m not sure when I am going to have internet and I won’t have it. I’ve been working a lot lately, even when I’ve said I wouldn’t. I am not sure what I am going to do. We’ll see what happens with all of that. Let’s look some at some reasons that going on vacation is good for you.

  • A lot of us are fighting high blood pressure and other health problems because of stress. All of us are so busy these day. And with these Smart Phones, are we ever truly away from work and all of the things that we feel we have to do? Take some time off and go on vacation. Go somewhere and just relax. Enjoy sometime with your family. Take time to see the things that you have always wanted to see. Read those books that you want to read but never take the time to read.
  • Taking a vacation may also help you to lose weight. A relaxing vacation is going to help you relax.
  • We wake up, get ready and work, and then we go home to get ready to do everything all over again. Doing the same things over and over again gets old. This past crazy year many of us have kind of had to do this, or felt like we had to, and it is not good for us. It is not good for our bodies as we have seen. It is also not good for our emotional well being. We get bored. We can’t think of what we need to do, and that leaves us frustrated and depressed. We feel that we are too busy to get the exercise that we need.

Even more cities

  • Chicago has a lot to offer those who love the arts. They have a wonderful art museum.. They also are known for having some amazing food, like pizza and hotdogs which might have everything but the kitchen sink on them. You will also find a lot of great nightlife here in this amazing city.
  • What would they have in Boston, Massachusetts? Well, for starters, they have a lot of history. Do you want to see Bunker Hill? Or maybe you want to see the places where Paul Revere rode? They have a lot of culture here too.
  • Another place that will have a lot of culture for you is Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here they have a place where they will showcase stars. Their downtown is place you and your family will enjoy.. And they have a lot of outdoor activities that you can enjoy.
  • They call St Paul and Minneapolis the Twin Cities. They have a lot of buildings that you will want to visit and take pictures at.

Some more cities

We are going to look at some more cities.

  • Do you have any horse lovers in your family? You might want to take them to Louisville, Kentucky, which as you know is horse country. The city also has a lot of nightlife that you and your husband might want to go have some fun at together. And they see also known for making bourbon.
  • Are you looking for a place to party, Louisville may sound great except you want to try to get a place somewhat warmer? You should consider going to New Orleans. This is a city that is known for having a lot of great food. You will also find great nightlife here. And I know they have a fantastic zoo.
  • Or maybe you want to get away to a small town and enjoy some quiet for a few days? If this sounds like you, consider Bar Harbor, Maine. I know that my parents used to love to go up there looking for antiques. They have some great art galleries. You may also want to do some whale watching while you are here.
  • Do you and your family just love the water and playing in it? Anapolis, Maryland is known as the sailing capital. It is a great place to do any number of water sports. It also has many museums.

More cities

I have a lot that I’m trying to figure out. So let’s get this done and get back to some more cities that you and your family might want is to vacation in.

  • Do you and your family enjoy going to different national state parks? You might want to go find a hotel in Boise, Idaho, and go find a grocery store to pick up picnic lunches for everyone. They have a lot of parks and recreational areas. This city has interesting things about the pioneer days.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana has a lot to offer families. I had an aunt who lived near there, and I know we used to go to Indianapolis to go to their children’s museum. I remember it as a wonderful place, but that had to be thirty years ago. They have a lot of nice parks that you and your family can enjoy together.
  • Do you and your family love books and learning about writing? You might want to go to Iowa City, Iowa. You will find a lot of bookstores here. They will also have many creative writing events that you can attend.
  • A lot of people agree that Witchita, Kansas has one of the best zoos around. Or visit some of their nice museums. They will also have great restaurants and nightlife.

And more cities

Where would you like to do on your first vacation after all of this craziness is over? I would love to hear all about it. Let’s get back to some more cities that you might want to visit.

  • Today we are going to get started by looking at Washington, DC. There is so much to do in this city. I know because my grandparents used to live a couple of hours from DC, and we used to visit there. There are the monuments. There is the Smithsonian. You can visit our White House and other government buildings.
  • Tallahassee, Florida has been rated one of the ten best places to live in our fair South. You would want to make a visit to their capitol. You will also want to visit their state park, which has more than 700 trails you can an walk or bike. You can even ride horses here.
  • Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city. You will love to see all of their old homes that they have there. This is also a great destination for foodies who love Southern cuisine. Historic landmarks and museums are also plentiful here.
  • Have you always dreamed of going to Hawaii? If you love the beach but don’t want to be on the beach the whole time, you might want to check out honolulu. This is where Pearl Harbor took place. And you will also love all of their water sports.

More cities to visit

I would love to know what your dream vacation would be. Please would you write me at and tell me about it? Today we are going to take a look at some more places around our fair country that you might want to visit.

  • And we are going to start with San Francisco, California. Have you always wanted to go see the Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe you love feeling of your stomach dropping as you race down the hills, and hear that this city has some excellent hills? You will want to ride around on their cable cars. And no visit to this place would be complete without visiting the infamous Alcatraz.
  • Do you and your family love being in the great outdoors? You might want to try to get to Denver, Colorado? They have many different outdoor activities for you to enjoy. They also have a lot of great parks and places to hike. They have botanical gardens, and you will not want to forget their art museum.
  • Do you love art and history? You will want to go to Hartford, Connecticut. This is also a great place for those who love books. You will want to visit Mark Twain’s house, or maybe Harriet Beecher Stowe’s. They also have the oldest free art museum.
  • Wilmington, Delaware is known to be a place where you can be entertained? Do you like exploring breweries? Or maybe you and your family love museums. This city has plenty of both.

Places to go

Ours is a huge country, and in this country we have everything from huge cities, to tiny towns. We have a lot of beach towns, some are quite busy, others are quiet and peaceful. Today let’s look at some places that you and your family might want to go to, maybe even sometime this summer.

  • You might not be expecting this one, but you and your family might like to try Mobile, Alabama. Is your family really into food? Mobile is a great place for seafood. And this city also has a lot of French influence when it comes to their food. They have many museums where you can learn about art and history.
  • Are you in the South and want your children to have some time to play in the snow?? You might want to go to Fairbanks, Alaska. This is a great place to go see the Northern Lights. This is a great place to go hiking or kayaking. They also have a nice museum you can visit.
  • Do you want to get lost in the wilderness? Or are you looking to go back to the Wild West? Try going to Prescott, Arizona. Here you will find the world’s oldest rodeo. You can also drink whiskey in one of their saloons. And those who love the wilderness are going to love their hikes.
  • Do you like visiting college towns? You might want to visit Fayetteville, Arkansas. Here you will find lots of culture. They have a book store with lots of books that are hard to find. They will also find a lot of outdoor activities for your family to enjoy.