Are you over all of this COVID stuff, and just want to go somewhere, anywhere? Today we are going to look at some islands that just might interest you.

  • The first one we are going to look at is Mayreau, and this is among the smallest of the Grenadines. Here you are going to enjoy the Caribbean paradise there is just one hotel here, so it isn’t likely that you will have to fight crowds. You are going to get a nice, quiet beach quiet beach vacation here.
  • And next we are going to look at Tieman Island, which is part of Malaysia. Do you remember the movie “Castaway”? Tieman Island is going to remind you of the island in the movie. This island has several resorts you can choose from. But you will likely want to spend most of your time in their beautiful water.
  • And now we will look at Mykines Island, and they are part of the Faroe Islands. And it looks like they are close to Norway and those countries. You are going to have mountains as well as beaches here. They have a lot of little seabirds, especially in summer.


More cruise tips

I have some other things that I would like to do for sure. So let me go on and do these blogs of mine. Let’s get back to some more tips for your next cruise.

  • Some of the things that they will do on your cruise will be one time things. For example, some of the most popular shows are only going to play one time during a cruise cycle. They will also do certain themed activities, such as dance parties or contests, only once. Make it a point to check ship’s schedule at least once a day to make sure that you are not missing anything important to you.
  • I have said this before, and I will say it, but you do not want to get drank on a cruise. Yes, I know, adult beverages overflow on these cruise not only can drinking too much on a cruise prove to be bad for your health. It is also going to slow down your fun. Do you want to make yourself sick and have to stay in bed? I don’t think so.
  • In the way, cruise ships always have tons of food. There are so many things that you will want to try. But pace yourself. Again, you do not want to make yourself sick.
  • The crew is going to make the ship as clean as possible. But please, throw trash where it needs to go. No one likes to see trash scattered everywhere.

Get the most out of your next cruise

Cruises can be absolutely amazing vacations, but in order to get the most enjoyment out of a cruise, you have to do things the right way way. Today we are going to look at some things you should not do before and during your next cruise.

  • Yes, cruises are often similar, but there are differences, and sometimes those differences are fairly significant. For example, if your dream vacation is exploring wineries and art galleries, you probably want to do careful research before booking a Carnival Cruise. And if you are looking for clean shows and entertainment, you will probably be happiest booking a Disney Cruise. The point here is to book a cruise that matches your interests.
  • You do not want to pack too much. Most cruise ships are going to have rooms that are fairly small, smaller than normal hotel rooms. You do not want to pack a lot of stuff. Instead pack clothes that you will not mind wearing several times. And do not take a lot of other stuff with you. Most cruises consider it their job to keep you busy.
  • You will also not want to miss the Muster Drill. Went to this meeting will give you important safety information, like how to get to the life boats are in fact,, you need to go to this meeting or you won’t be going anywhere. This only about half an hour, then you can get on with your vacation.
  • Have you decided which shore excursions you are going to go on yet? You should. Don’t keep putting this off. A lot of these trips are going to sell out quickly, and you do not want to miss out. You can book these trips even before you leave on your vacation.

Afternoon destinations

Maybe you aren’t sure that you are to start taking a long vacation quite yet. But you may feel the need to get out of your house for several hours on Saturday or Sunday. Let’s look at a couple of these places you may want to go to.

  • People that are from Oregon know about this place, but few other people do. The place is called Thor’s Well, and it is also called the Drainpipe. It is kind of a sinkhole. It is a nice place to hang around. But you do not want to go into it.
  • Another interesting place is Peek-a-boo Gultch, and it is in Utah. It is not even a mile to walk around. It is like a smaller Antelope Canyon.

And more lakes

Today we are going to look at some more lakes.

  • And today we are going to start with Hanging Lake, and this is in Colorado. This place looks like something from “Jurassic Park”. You are going to have to walk three miles to get to this place. But it is a beautiful place to swim. There is also waterfalls you can walk behind. Is your family pretty diverse in what they like to do while on vacation? You might want to try Lake Sunapee.
  • You are going to find it in New Hampshire. Some people are going to want to spend most of their time taking part in water sports. Others may want to go hike the parts of the Appalachian Trail. Others may enjoy exploring their downtown or go see their orchards.
  • You may also want to try Lake Crescent which is in the state of Washington. This is another absolutely beautiful place to visit. To get to it, you are going to need to go to Olympic National Park. You may enjoy hiking some of their trails.

More lakes

Let’s look at some more lakes.

  • You might want to look into going to Moosehead Lake, which is just one of the many lakes in Maine. Moosehead is the state’s largest lake. This is a great place to spot moose, because the lake is in the forest. It is also a great place to go whitewater rafting or fishing. It is also a great place to go camping.
  • And next we are going to look at Fallen Leaf Lake in California. Everyone knows about Lake Tahoe, and that’s about a mile from from this Fallen Leaf Lake. It is in a national forest. And it is a great place to go hiking and just enjoy all of the beauty.
  • Minnesota is land of 10,000 lakes, but the one that we are going to look at right now is Kekekabic Lake. This is a place where you can get a look at Canada, which is closed right now because of COVID. This is a great place to canoe or go hiking.

Little known lakes

I now live on the lake . And now that it’s spring, I’m out on my porch a lot. It is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. Are you dreaming of a lake vacation? Let’s look at some lakes that not many people have heard of.

  • We are going to start by looking at Lake Joccassee, which is in South Carolina. In order to get here you are going to have to go to Devils Fork State Park. You can camp here. You can also go glamping, or stay in luxury accommodations. And a lot of this lake is not developed yet.
  • Next we are going to look at the Blue lakes that are in Colorado. This place kind of looks like the opening scene from the “Sound of Music” with its beautiful green meadows and snow capped mountains. To get to both the Lower Blue Lake and the Upper Blue Lake, you will need to take pretty strenuous hike. But you will love the views once you do get there.
  • You might also want to consider going to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan. Be careful, and you can climb their high dunes. A lot of people who are vacationing here will make Traverse City kind of their homebase. In the city, you will find cherry orchards and wineries

More on why to Disney World

I seem to be having a lot going on these days. Today let’s get back to our discussion about why you should go to Disney and keep on going back. And do not ask me why I can not seem to find my Disney pictures. Sorry about that.

  • Disney is going to have something that will appeal to everyone in your family.. They will have rides that your little tykes are going to love. They will have rides that your thrill seekers will want to ride again and again.
  • And everyone knows that you are going to have to eat while you are on your vacation. Disney realizes that some people just like all of the same junk foods that you would get at any of the amusement parks, while other people are going to be looking for those gourmet meals. They have foods that will satisfy all kinds of tastes.
  • Like I said yesterday, Disney is always changing, but there will be certain things that will always be the same. You are always going to see their characters. You know that you are going to get clean rooms and nice restaurants. Disney is also good at telling you how much your vacation is going to cost and not charging you more.
  • Disney has a story, and backstory, on everything. They pay close attention to all of the details.

Why go to Disney World

It is Monday, and I’m feeling a lot better than I did on Saturday. I feel more like working for sure. I’ve started thinking about Disney. And so, today I want to go over some reasons why you should go to Disney World. Most everyone I’ve talked to about Disney says that going to one of their parks or on one of their cruises is an absolutely fantastic experience. Today let’s look at some reasons why.

  • Disney is truly a magical place. When you enter some place Disney, you tend to forget all about your troubles and worries. And this is true whether you are visiting Disney for the first time or the hundredth. You will forget about the long car ride to get down there. You will forget how long it took to walk to the park itself. The same can be said for Disney’s resorts. Everything Disney does is made to help you relax and forget your troubles.
  • Disney is always changing something. It may be a new restaurant or attraction. They are also always changing up their parades. Their goal is to always keep things fresh. They also are going to do this with their menus.
  • And they have endless options for you.. Do you want to go and enjoy one of their parks? Or maybe you want to go a couple of parks in a day’s time. You may want to take a day to go shopping and enjoy some of their fine restaurants at Disney Spring Springs. And then you can always relax by their pools.

And more relaxing hotels

It is the weekend. Are you relaxing? I will be later today. Okay so let’s get back to some more relaxing hotels.

Do you love deserts? Maybe you just love getting out and exploring different terrains. You might want to try Amangiri, which is in Utah. This is another place that a lot of the stars go to relax and recooperate. There is horseback riding and a lot of other activities. There is an outdoors spa. And the rooms themselves are beautiful and all have a gorgeous view.

Or maybe you would like to go to New England. Consider going to Camden Harbour Inn in Maine. This is a great place to get away from everything. Here you will be close to the beach as well as to their downtown area.