You might be one of those when have been pretty careful when it comes everything that is going on. But you are tired. You are tired of doing the same thing day after day. You are tired of always being at your house. You are tired of not seeing anything, or anyone, new. Today let’s look at some getaways that might interest you.

  • Have you ever heard of New Hope, Pennsylvania? Even the name sounds inviting, doesn’t it? This used to be a good resting place between Philadelphia and New York City. You can get a feel for the old town on their Main Street. You will find several restaurants and a theater for you to enjoy with your family. They even have a train that you might enjoy.
  • Do you want a quiet beach vacation? You might want to try Kennebunkport, Maine. Do you like seafood? This is a great place to get lobster. You can explore some great mansions here. They have cabins where you can stay.
  • Are you looking for a gorgeous place to go enjoy the mountains? Try the Shenandoah Valley. This is where my grandparents used to live. I used to go that way all of the time, and yes, it is a beautiful place. You have the Skyline Drive which is a great place to take picnics. They do make wine in this area, I didn’t know that. You might also want to explore their caverns.

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