Why go to Disney World

It is Monday, and I’m feeling a lot better than I did on Saturday. I feel more like working for sure. I’ve started thinking about Disney. And so, today I want to go over some reasons why you should go to Disney World. Most everyone I’ve talked to about Disney says that going to one of their parks or on one of their cruises is an absolutely fantastic experience. Today let’s look at some reasons why.

  • Disney is truly a magical place. When you enter some place Disney, you tend to forget all about your troubles and worries. And this is true whether you are visiting Disney for the first time or the hundredth. You will forget about the long car ride to get down there. You will forget how long it took to walk to the park itself. The same can be said for Disney’s resorts. Everything Disney does is made to help you relax and forget your troubles.
  • Disney is always changing something. It may be a new restaurant or attraction. They are also always changing up their parades. Their goal is to always keep things fresh. They also are going to do this with their menus.
  • And they have endless options for you.. Do you want to go and enjoy one of their parks? Or maybe you want to go a couple of parks in a day’s time. You may want to take a day to go shopping and enjoy some of their fine restaurants at Disney Spring Springs. And then you can always relax by their pools.

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