More on why to Disney World

I seem to be having a lot going on these days. Today let’s get back to our discussion about why you should go to Disney and keep on going back. And do not ask me why I can not seem to find my Disney pictures. Sorry about that.

  • Disney is going to have something that will appeal to everyone in your family.. They will have rides that your little tykes are going to love. They will have rides that your thrill seekers will want to ride again and again.
  • And everyone knows that you are going to have to eat while you are on your vacation. Disney realizes that some people just like all of the same junk foods that you would get at any of the amusement parks, while other people are going to be looking for those gourmet meals. They have foods that will satisfy all kinds of tastes.
  • Like I said yesterday, Disney is always changing, but there will be certain things that will always be the same. You are always going to see their characters. You know that you are going to get clean rooms and nice restaurants. Disney is also good at telling you how much your vacation is going to cost and not charging you more.
  • Disney has a story, and backstory, on everything. They pay close attention to all of the details.

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