And more lakes

Today we are going to look at some more lakes.

  • And today we are going to start with Hanging Lake, and this is in Colorado. This place looks like something from “Jurassic Park”. You are going to have to walk three miles to get to this place. But it is a beautiful place to swim. There is also waterfalls you can walk behind. Is your family pretty diverse in what they like to do while on vacation? You might want to try Lake Sunapee.
  • You are going to find it in New Hampshire. Some people are going to want to spend most of their time taking part in water sports. Others may want to go hike the parts of the Appalachian Trail. Others may enjoy exploring their downtown or go see their orchards.
  • You may also want to try Lake Crescent which is in the state of Washington. This is another absolutely beautiful place to visit. To get to it, you are going to need to go to Olympic National Park. You may enjoy hiking some of their trails.

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