Are you over all of this COVID stuff, and just want to go somewhere, anywhere? Today we are going to look at some islands that just might interest you.

  • The first one we are going to look at is Mayreau, and this is among the smallest of the Grenadines. Here you are going to enjoy the Caribbean paradise there is just one hotel here, so it isn’t likely that you will have to fight crowds. You are going to get a nice, quiet beach quiet beach vacation here.
  • And next we are going to look at Tieman Island, which is part of Malaysia. Do you remember the movie “Castaway”? Tieman Island is going to remind you of the island in the movie. This island has several resorts you can choose from. But you will likely want to spend most of your time in their beautiful water.
  • And now we will look at Mykines Island, and they are part of the Faroe Islands. And it looks like they are close to Norway and those countries. You are going to have mountains as well as beaches here. They have a lot of little seabirds, especially in summer.

One thought on “Islands

  1. Someone who is looking for a Scandi and Nordic trip as part of their interests will love Mykines.

    [I remember this March reading a whole lot of Anne Nisbo books].

    Yay for seabirds! Did they come much in the Spring?

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