Safe places?

Okay, I know that travel is crazy right now. You may see something that is opened up, you book your trip, and then it closes up. This happened to my sister, so I know it has happened. But I know that people are ready to get out of their houses and travel.

  • Let’s look at some places that you might want to go. First we are going to look at Canada, and while it is not opened to Americans at this point yet, one of the safest destinations. It is not just safe as far as this virus goes, it is also just a safe other all around. This is a beautiful country. Go at the right time and you will be able to play in the snow.
  • New Zealand is another place that has done well with all of this virus stuff. It is also another very peaceful place. Do you like the Hobbit movies? This is where that was filmed. New Zealand is also a great place to enjoy adventure sports.
  • Like its neighbor who we just about, Australia has done well keeping everyone safe. It is still closed to Americans, as is New Zealand, but hopefully they will be opening soon. Australia is famous for its opera house in Sydney. It is a great place to hang out at the beach or to do those adventure sports.

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