Norwegian Joy

Today we are going to look at the ship The Norwegian Joy. Honestly I’m not sure whether this ship is actually opened for business at this point or not. Let’s look at some of this ship has to offer. By the way, this ship can hold 4,000 guests. It was built in 2017, and received upgrades in 2019. They have a guest to crew ratio of 2 to 1, so you should always be able to find someone who is going to be able to help you.

  • The first thing we are going to look at is that this ship has one of the only racetracks on a cruise ships. It is on the top deck. The racetrack has two levels to it. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean while you are racing. Family and friends can watch you from the viewing trailer, or you can get them to join you on the track.
  • Have you tried those virtual reality things? Norwegian knows these things are big these days, so they included them on this ship. You can explore the ocean, or pretend that you’re in Star Wars. You can also pretend that you are jumping from incredible heights.
  • Do you want to get into a fight with your family? Here I’m not talking about an argument, I’m talking about laser tag. On this ship, you are going to find one of the best laser tag experiences around. Battle your family and friends here.
  • When you watch old movies where people are on cruises, what do you think of? Is it them walking along walking the decks, talking enjoying the views? You will be able to do this on this ship. Enjoy time with family and friends while enjoying the fresh air, getting something to eat or drink if you would like.

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