Traveling with a CP child

I have Cerebral Palsy, have had it since I was a baby. Mom, and sometimes Dad, took me and my siblings on all kinds of trips. We were always going off to visit family or friends. I loved it, and still do. I used to not be sure that I would ever get out of the country. Several years ago, my siblings put up the money, and Mom and I went. We have been to Cyprus and Israel.

You should also remember that Cerebral Palsy can mean a lot of different things. I can not walk or talk or do anything for myself, but have no mental impairments. I know people with CP who just have a limp, as well those who have both severe physical and mental challenges. The thing is that children with CP can, and should enjoy trips together. Here are some tips to help everything go smoothly.

  • You may want to talk to your child with CP about your trip before you leave. Some disabled kids really like to know when their schedule is about to be interrupted. Help them get excited about the trip.
  • Are your children used to being in a car for hours at a time? If not, you might want to take them on some shorter trips first, just to see how everything goes.

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