I am wondering if I should start my vacation after working Saturday. I am going to wait and see what I’m feeling like then. We are going to look some more at tips for traveling with a child who has CP.

  • I am going to be honest, unless we’re flying, Mom always packs a cooler. Dad always says I eat like a little kid. I love pizza, spaghetti, Mexican food that isn’t spicy, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers. I’m kind of picky. And really I’m not just picky, some foods are hard for me to eat. Mom always brings foods I will eat when we go on trips..

And here are some tips for flying.

You will always want to get a good seat for your CP child. Sometimes they put me on a row which I have to myself! That is wonderful because I can lie down.

You are allowed to bring snacks on the airplane. Bring some of your child’s favorites, yours too. Get to the airport well before you need to.

Use the time to get ready. For me, I pretty much need to eat in my wheelchair.. So at the airports, I’m eating and make sure I get enough.

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