Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, and will probably say it again, but I’m not the biggest fan of traveling, the actual driving or flying. I love to go places, to see family or friends. Travel is just hard on my body. And since I’m not in my wheelchair, I can’t have my communication device, so I can’t really do much. Some people don’t think traveling with a special needs child is impossible. And while it is a challenge, it is not impossible. Let’s look at some more tips that might help.

  • You will want to start taking small trips. You might want to start by going were to start visiting some family or close friends that live close by, like an hour or two away. Get your child used to being in the car for longer periods of time. Get them used to being away from home too.
  • As you start to travel more, your special needs child is going to get more used to traveling and all that goes into it. They will begin to enjoy it more. You will also learn how to help them better.

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