More tips

Let’s look at some more tips

  • You are going to want to let everyone you can know about you and your family’s. Let the gate agents know. Talk to the ticket agents and TSA workers know your needs as well. And be sure to talk to your flight attendants about what they can do to make life easier for everyone.
  • Should you bring that wheelchair and the walker you might or might not use? The answer is yes. These things will not only help you while you are on your trip. They will also let everyone know that someone in your party has someone with special needs. And be sure to look into all the services airport offers before you leave on your trip.
  • airlines do have a telephone line specifically for those with special needs. Unfortunately, they do not do well communicating your needs to people that you will be working with once you reach the airport. Again, communicate with the people once you are there..

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