I have said it before, and will say it again, but I love Disney. Disney knows that disability is out there and comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some things before you take your special needs child to Disney.

  • Pack a copy of your child’s official diagnosis in the bag that you will be taking with you. Disney is is not allowed to ask to see these papers. But it can not hurt for you to show them. B
  • ring a picture of your child with you. No one plans to have their child go missing were. But when you are in a crowd that huge, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • I know that many people go to Disney knowing exactly what they want to do, trying to get in as they can. Dear special needs parent, don’t put yourself under that kind of pressure, instead you are going to want to take a more relaxed approach.
  • You will certainly need to prepare the people who are going to take to care for your children while you go on vacation. Let them know your children’s schedule. Let them know what your children have to get to and which things are optional. Some special needs children really need to stick to their schedule. How important is that to your child? Discuss that with your caregiver before you leave. Many caregivers are going to want to spoil your children while you are away. Let them know if they are going to be able to do that with food. Does your special needs child need to do therapy? Go through all of that with the people who need to know.
  • You will want to talk to that person who is always staring at you in the mirror. You are going to be going away for a week to reconnect with the one you love. You have chosen good people to take care of your children. Worrying about them is not going to help anyone and is only going to hurt you.

Sometimes it is hard to find research on the things that I would like to write about. But I think I have finally found what I’ve been wanting to say for the past couple days now.. Parents need to take breaks from their children in in order to reconnect as a couple. And while I know that were it is more difficult to do when you have a child with special needs, it is something you can, and should, still do. Here are some tips that should help.

  • You know that it takes a village to raise children, right? Especially if you are thinking about taking longer vacation, you may want to enlist the help of several people. Maybe one or two people can be in your home, seeing to it that food gets on the table and that your children keep on schedule, kind of. No one is going to do that as well as you do. You may have aides who come in to help your special needs child. You might want to see if they can give you extra hours while you are away. See if you can get your kids rides to and from school and other activities. You get the idea.
  • Your kids, maybe especially those with special needs, need to know what to expect during the time that you are going to be away. Ask them what questions they have. Ask them what makes them nervous thinking about your trip.. Try to help them work through those things.

I’m trying to figure out how to make my different blogs into a business, spending a lot of time of that.. I’m working on some different things. We will see how everything turns out.

Parents need to take vacations without their children. It is good for them as a couple. And most children are going to enjoy time away from their parents. It is something new, something different. But how do you prepare them for such an adventure? Let’s look at some tips.

  • When children get to be ready to go to school, they also should be ready for a week or so away from Mom and Dad. That’s a good rule of thumb. Obviously, you are going to want to leave your children with someone you know and trust. And leave your children with someone they enjoy being around. Make sure the caregiver has a good relationship with your children.
  • You are going to want to give the caregiver all the important contact information. Make sure the person knows how to get in touch with your children’s doctor.
  • Your caregiver is going to need your children’s routines. They’re likely to break that routine to have fun and to make some special memories.

About taking a vacation without your special needs child

it is the Monday after my vacation, and I know I have a lot of work to do. I have a lot of e-mail to go through. And then I’m starting a business, wanting to grow my blogs/start a newsletter, grow a Facebook group, etc.. I have a lot that I’m trying to do and figure. But I do have the the time, and taking my vacation has given me some more energy than I have had lately.

Let’s face it, raising children is not a walk in the park. And when you have a child with special needs there are all kinds of extra challenges. Sometimes you need to get away from normal life for a while. Everyone needs to take breaks from time to time, and when you are under stress, which everyone with a special needs child is going to have, you are going to need to take vacations. Special needs children are just going to take more time than what we think of as normal children. One thing that you should know is that you should not feel guilty about taking a trip with only your husband. All couples need to get away and relax and reconnect. We are going to talk about this more this coming week.

I think my vacation went very well. I know I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Getting back into work is kind of overwhelming at this point, but I am going to figure it out. What would you do if your child is sick? Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • Be sure to pack any medicines that they have been prescribed to take. Also take anything that you might want to give them if they start running a fever or getting aches somewhere.
  • Pack extra clothing. Being sick can get messy. It is always smart to be prepared. And often just changing clothes can help you feel better
  • . Bring lots of tissues. That is another thing that will help with messes.