I think I am just going to talk to my friends I am going to be with for a couple of weeks, and see if I might find a couple of hours each day, or most days, to work. We will see. You should also know that I’m taking a class on blogging. I have lots that I’m trying to figure out. Let’s look at some more destinations that you and your family might want to consider, especially if your special needs child has mostly cognitive issues.

Have you and your family ever been camping? You might want to consider going out to Jellystone, and yes, that’s the right name. They have named campground after Yogi’s cartoon. There are more than 75 of these campgrounds across the US and Canada. They are going to have a lot of activities for families to enjoy together.

Have you ever been to The big Apple? They are trying to rebuild about everything that they have been through this past year. They would love to have you come and bring your business. They are going to find all kinds of interesting things to do in this great city..

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