Traveling with a special needs child

I am back to normal life, and I’m ready to get more serious about work than I have been lately Sorry about that. wanted to get through what I had to with work so I could be with my friends. days that plan worked better than others

Let’s look at some more tips for traveling with a special needs child Yes, it is difficult but it can be done.

  • If you are going to fly, be sure to let someone know that you are traveling with a special needs child. Sadly I heard that telling someone with the ticketing people that you have a special needs child doesn’t mean that people you are flying with are going to know. The key is to talk about it and then to keep talking about it whenever you talk to anyone about your flight.
  • You may want to make a list of everything that you think you will need on your vacation. Start packing early. You may even want to do this with some special toys giving the toys back to your children, the reunion will be sweet. Pack slowly and carefully so as to not forget anything.
  • You will want to pack a box of special things to take with you as you are traveling. You will want to take special snacks, games and toys. Take books that your children love.

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