Autism tips

Some special needs children really like order. They love having their own bedrooms. They love their schedules and always knowing what happens next. They like knowing that they will be eating the food that they enjoy. Vacations have a way of messing all of that up. To many of us, changing our routines is part of the beauty of vacations. That may not be true of the special needs child. For these children, change just means emotional upheaval. It’s scary. This may be especially true for those children who have autism. Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • You will want to try to get to them to learn on wear headphones. You are going to want them to wear noise canceling headphones, especially when you are traveling. This will help them not get over stimulated.
  • I’m sorry, I know it is going to be difficult. But you are going want to go on and potty train your child once they get three or four. Younger kids are going to be able to get away with wearing diapers.

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