More flight tips

I am going to go on and start. I’ve kind of gotten a new computer. Getting everything set , or starting to, anyway, has kind of worn me out. But anyway, let’s get back to some more flying with special needs kids.

  • Is gum considered that special treat that no one gets, like ever? You will want to take some on your flight. Chewing gum is going to help when your ears are popping. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gum, you just need to be chewing something when taking off and landing.
  • No one likes to be bored. Take things that you and your children can do. Bring books. Bring their devices. Flying is not the time that you want to be limiting screen time. Bring games.
  • This website I’m reading is saying that you want to check as many bags as you can. I kind of understand that you don’t want to be carrying around lots of stuff, you also don’t want to lose. I’ve heard bad things about checking bags.

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