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Let’s look at some more tips that might make traveling with your special needs child easier

  • Many children don’t like to be in the car for long stretches of time. Hey, many adults don’t like it either. I know for me it really helps if I can lie down.
  • Another common problem is that children can get bored on long road trips. You will want to take some of their favorite toys. Come some of their favorite snack foods so that no one gets hungry on the way. Being hungry makes everyone grumpy. Listening to a good book or watching movies can help pass the time.

Romantic getaways

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When you do get away with your spouse, is it hard to know what to talk about. Here is a game that might help.

Let’s get back to discussing planning that romantic getaway.

  • Remember that in order to get a true vacation and reconnect with each other, you need to get rid of all your distractions.. Don’t take work with you. Leave your children with people you know you can trust. Try not to check in more than twice a day.
  • You are going to want to plan some activities for the two of you to do together. But you want to also plan to relax and have time for just the two of you to be together..
  • Try not to stress about anything. You have enough stress at home. Do you want to take a car yourself or is it easier to ride buses and taxis? Do you want to be somewhere where can cook or would you rather eat in restaurants the whole tim?

I have a lot going on this weekend. I want to figure out some things for the weekend as far as work goes.. Okay, let’s say your parent decide to take your children for a while. Hey, it could happen. Here are some things you should do to make sure your trip is romantic.

  • You will want to go somewhere special. What are the kinds of things that the two of you enjoy doing together? Do you enjoy getting out in nature together? Do you love to cook together? Find places where you can do these things.
  • Go to places neither of you has been? That will make it an adventure for you both.
  • Think about whether you and your husband would rather stay in a hotel and be waited on, or stay in an airbnb and wait on one another.

Vacationing without

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Everyone needs self care. Even special needs parents. Here is a journal that looks interesting

Like I said, sometimes families need to take breaks from their special needs child. Sometimes it is nice to not have to think about special needs for a few days.

  • Mom, you probably know your special needs child like the back of your hand. but how well do you know your other children? How well do you know their interests?
  • On this kind of vacation, you are also going to get some time to be a fun Mom. You might just want to do an ice cream dinner at some point.
  • You might also learn how much you to enjoy being around your other children. You learn how silly they can be.
  • More than anything, this kind of vacation helps you get rid of stress. Relax. Enjoy yourself..

Vacationing without your special needs child

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This looks like a great game for families who are looking to reconnect.

Sometimes you and your family will want to get away without your special needs child. And that is okay to do. Everyone needs to take breaks from time to time. Your family may need sometime where they don’t need to think about anything to do with special needs. You need time to relax enjoy your other children, to relax and reconnect with them. This is going to be good for everyone.

  • I think this kind of goes without saying, but you will want to find a good situation for your special needs child. Do you have an aide that can take care of him 24/7? Or would they like to spend the week with Grandma?
  • This is the time for you and your family to do the things that you would never get to do. A lot of special needs kids need a fairly regulated schedule. On this vacation, sleep as late as you want. Enjoy quiet walks and long talks with your other children and your husband. Go eat at restaurants, and don’t worry about what you eat or how long anything takes.

Traveling with autism

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Let’s look at some more tips for traveling with your autistic child.

  • When your child is hungry or thirsty, they are going to be more irritable. This is true whether or not your child has any kind of special needs. If you have a picky eater, or one that needs to be on a special diet, take food with you. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Do you have a child that wanders? This is likely to get worse when you travel. You might want to have your child wear a medic bracelet, just in case they get lost.

Traveling with autism

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I think I had a meeting with myself and decided that I need accomplish more than I did last week.. I didn’t work much on my ebook this last week. I know that needs to change if I am going to get it finished. I also know I need to work on this Amazon affiliate stuff. And it feels like I have about one hundred other things I want to work on. Anyway, here is the link Let’s look some more at traveling with a child who has autism.

  • You are probably going to be wise to do some roleplaying to with your autistic child to help them know what they need to expect on your trip. Pretend you are already in the car or whatever you are going to be traveling in. Talk to your child about what he or she can expect to see and hear while you are traveling. Show them the things that they are and aren’t to do while on your trip.
  • You will want to bring some of their favorite toys. Bring the things that you know will soothe them and make them more comfortable.
  • You might also want to bring something brand new that you know your child is going to love. You know their interests. Pick pick something out.
  • When you think you may be in noisy places, bring your child child earphones. You are going to thank me for this idea, trust me.

traveling with autism

Having a child with autism brings so many unknowns with it, doesn’t it? Should you travel? How is that going to work? Here are some tips that might help.

  • The first thing you are going to want to do is to create a social story. If your child has autism, you will know what that is. This is going to help your child know what is about to take place.
  • And let people know that your child has autism. Let the airline people know. Let the hotel people know.