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My last several days have been kind of crazy with family and friends. It has been nice, but I am kind of ready to be back. Doing what I have been doing has been kind of like selfcare. I’ve found this journal that looks pretty interesting.

Ask my family. Getting me to take a good picture is not an easy task. I am always moving. It is not easy for me to keep looking at the camera. Many special needs children have similar problems. So how are you going to get the all important passport photos? These people are not the most understanding when it comes to the pictures. Here are some tips that might help.

  • You do not want to go when everyone else is going. You might want to call ahead and try to get their best guess of their slower times.
  • Bring a friend or two that will help. Bring friends that your child likes and makes them smile.
  • Bring a white sheet or pillowcase. Your passport photo background must be white. This will help if your child is in a wheelchair. You will want to have them take several photos. A lot of pharmacies take these photos. Go to the one you know best.

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