Traveling with autism

  • If your autistic child does not struggle with sensory issues, you may want to try a theme park. And why is that you might ask. Generally speaking, theme parks are going to have a lot of services for those that are disabled. I remember getting to go to the front of the line, I don’t know if I could take my whole party or if only one other person got to ride with me. I haven’t been to a theme park in twenty years. We also used to get to ride more than once. You are going to want to go when the park should not be ases crowded. Try going during the off season. You may want to bring ear plugs in case it gets to be too loud.. And you will probably want to do shorter days at the parks. Enjoy downtime at your hotel.
  • Now let’s look at some things that you will want to be sure to pack. Do not forget to take the medications. You might think that that’s pretty obvious. What you might not think about is that you should take extra just in case.
  • Some autistic children like to eat certain foods, and that is all they will eat. Get your child’s favorite foods and bring them along.

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