• When you are on vacation, which should you get, a hotel or some kind of airbnb, and our more specific question is which should you get when you are vacationing with children? Are you looking for a time where you and your children are pampered in every way, not having to cook or clean?? Or would it be wise to at least have a way to cook because someone is on a special diet??
  • Whichever you book, it is going to be important to think to about accessibility. The places you are you are looking at may look are wonderful, but how will you get there? Are there going to be a lot of steps to get into? Is it going to be hard to get around in?
  • We’ve talked about this recently, but you are going to want to put YOUR name and phone number on on your children when you are traveling. It might be a bracelet or necklace. It might be writing your info on their arms. Let’s say that you are going to the beach.
  • You might not think that you need to worry about making sure you will have a pool. The truth is that some children really do not like is swimming in the ocean. And to a lot of children, swimming is an important part of any vacation.

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