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  • Switzerland is known for being a safe place in the ways we normally said think of when we usually think of when we think of safe. This is another great place to enjoy sports, especially winter sports. I hear that they have some pretty fantastic mountains. But this article I’m reading says that they haven’t done well with the corona virus. I’m not quite sure what they mean by that. And no, we Americans aren’t allowed in.
  • Do you want to just go to the happiest places on earth? For once I’m not talking about Disney World. I am talking about the Scandinavian countries. Finland is known as the happiest place, and Denmark takes second. Norway and Sweden take fifth and seventh.
  • Italy got off to a bad start with Corona, but they are doing a much better job of it now. A lot of people will be going once Europe opens up to us Americans.

Safe places

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Where are the safest places to travel? Have you ever wondered that? Let’s take a look at some of these places.

  • Canada has always been seen as a very safe place. This is a great place to visit if you like snow and adventure sports. They are also saying that Canada has done an amazing job when it not comes to the Corona virus. I’m not sure what that even means. But you should also know that they are not letting Americans in at this time.
  • New Zealand is a lot like Canada. I feel like they are always on the safest countries lists. And I know they have a lot of sports, some great mountains, and some beautiful beaches. And again they say they do well with Corona, but they are not welcoming to Americans.
  • Iceland is known as the most peaceful place on earth. It is another great place for snow. Americans need to get their COVID cases significantly before Iceland or most anywhere in Europe will let us in.


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I get tired of always sharing tips on how to travel with special needs kids. I’m sure you get tired of always reading these things. If you have ideas of what I should write about, please let me know. I would love to hear them. Anyway, travel is opening up, even if it is opening up slowly. Today we are going to look at some countries that are pretty easy to get into.

  • Columbia is one of those places. You are going to need to fill out paperwork twenty-four hours before you enter their country. And that is it.
  • Costa Rica is place that has a lot of lovely beaches. I think I’ve heard that they also have some great night life. You will have to fill out a health pass. Fully vaccinated people and those who are under eighteen will be allowed in without travel insurance.
  • The Dominican Republic is another absolutely beautiful place to go lie on the beach. They do random COVID test. You will be required to complete a health survey.

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Traveling with children is hard. You can’t just decide to go somewhere Friday after work, throw some clothes in a bag take off. No, travel with children takes time and planning. Traveling with a special needs child takes even more preparation. And remember that everything is likely going to take more time with children, especially when they are special needs. Enjoy the time on the road with them. Ask them questions, and let them ask questions of you too. Play games with them. Tell them stories of your growing up years..

More on holidays

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I feel like interest in my blogs is growing. And I would like to thank those who are following my blogs, reading my posts, and even commenting.

I also want to say that I’m planning to take sometime off at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will probably be a week at Thanksgiving, and may be even longer at Christmas time. I’m feeling the need for some downtime.

I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love the holidays. I love the parties and the plays. I love the excitement. And of course, I love the time with family and friends.

The problem with the holidays is that we all want them to be perfect. And sometimes perfect for one person looks completely different for someone else in the same family. And perfect may be especially difficult when you have a special needs child.

Don’t try to do everything. Take time to breathe and relax. Focus on the things that are most important to you and your family.

Make your holiday plans and then let your special needs child know exactly what is going to happen when. You might want to do some social stories.

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I also want to let you know that I am, slowly but surely, working on an ebook. I would really like to have it out around the first of the first of the year. We will see.

I think we are going to start looking at Exceptional Vacations. This is another group that takes the developmentally disabled on trips. I would love to find something like this for the physically disabled.. I would try to go on something like that. But anyway, this is to help the developmentally disabled to experience vacations.. They will be with other people like them, and will hopefully make some friends. Exceptional Vacations has a well trained staff that know each destination they go to well.

More on holidays

I’ve lost all four of my grandparents by this point. I miss them dearly, especially this time of year. But when they were alive, we used to go up to see them each year. They lived in the same small town. There are eight children in my family, one of my aunts had six children, the other had five. Getting together was lots of fun, but it was also pretty chaotic. If you have a family that is anything like mine, get togethers were full of laughter and rowdy fun, and you have a child who gets overwhelmed by noise, please take them some headphones.

Instead of always going to everyone else’s house, have them come to you. True, you may have to do some more work. But your special needs child will likely feel more comfortable in his own home

. Have you put internet on their devices? If they will not have internet in the car, put some apps on their devices that they can use without internet.

  • You know you’re your children, even your special needs child, better than anyone. You will know whether they enjoy trying new foods, or prefer sticking to the foods they know and love. You know when they’re to the point where they need to slow down for a time, and how they best slow down. You’d know what they like and what they don’t like. You are going to be wise to use that knowledge when you are on trips.
  • I know that photos are usually part of any family gathering. And yes, I kxnow that some families have the tradition of buying new, matching outfits. But your special needs child is probably going to need to wear that nw outft a time or two before the big day.
  • You’re probably pretty good at rolling with the punches by this point. But is your larger family prepared? Do you know that your little one may need some more down time than what might be considered normal? Are they going to be able to handle the meltdowns?

More holiday tips

  • Any time you are about to take a trip to visit your family, you are going to want to call them first and update them on anything new with your special needs child. Grandparents and other family are going to want to spoil your children. They will want to give them foods that they do not usually get. But when giving special needs children something special, you might really mess things up. Talk to your family about what happens when you give them the wrong foods. Let them know what it’s like when your child gets overstimulated.
  • Remember to have those ipads charged and ready to go. Traveling time is not when you want to limit screen time. Hopefully your will be too busy enjoying family to worry about devices while you are there.
  • I like getting in the car and not stopping until we get to wherever we are going. But that’s a lot harder to do when you have children. Plan to make some stops along the way. You are going want to bring food on your trip. You never know when someone might get hungry. Bring foods that your family enjoy are are eating without making a mess.

Holiday travel

If you haven’t been reading this blog more than a year, you might not know that I absolutely love the holidays. And I’m sorry, but Halloween does not count in my book. I love the plays and the parties of the holiday season, hopefully we are going to get back to some of that this year. We’ll see. But today let’s start looking at some holiday travel tips for those with special needs.

  • If you are going to be flying, you do not want to forget to let the airline knew that you will be flying with someone who has special needs. They should have people that will help you every step of the way. That has been my experience at least. What I’m reading right now says that it is hard to beat the first on, first off thing. That kind of puzzles me, because while we were always the first on, we were also always the last off. I’m wondering if that was because I had to have MY chair. I can not sit in normal wheelchairs.
  • Let your special needs child know everything about the trip. Sometimes you just tell them, sometimes you make them a book. Let them know about the different things that you will be getting to do.