More on communication

You may be laughing at my “take your child to a speech-language pathologist, and they will teach them to speak”. Yeah, that plan did not work well for me either. If your child is between two and a half and still not saying a word, you probably want to start the process of meeting with a speech-language pathologist. This child will usually be doing a lot of pointing and gesturing and taking your hand to show you things. Or your child might be talking, but very little. They may be saying only the simplest of words or phrases. It may also be that your child is talking, but no one is understanding them. You may be the exception, you may not. Children saying words not right is completely normal, it’s also kind of cute. But when your child is not talking or no one seems to be able to understand them, you may be looking at needing an augmentative communication device. That might be giving your child a poster board with words and pictures. You’ll probably want to start with something like this. But if your child is not learning to speak, you probably want to start working toward an electronic communication device.

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