Let’s get back to some more tips for Disney’s Grand Californian. We are going to start there anyway..
when it comes to food, Disney is going to have some really nice options for you. However, you should know that Disney’s food is going to run pretty expensive. You will want to bring food from home and keep it in your hotel room. For those who are flying, stop by a grocery store on the way into town, and pick up some of your family’s favorite foods. Something my family would do as we were growing up was we would buy stuff for breakfast, usually cereal, and lunch, usually sandwich stuff, and then we would eat eat out somewhere for dinner.. What I’m reading is that you can get a fairly inexpensive quick dinner at Whitewater Snacks.
And now I think we are going to start taking a look at The Resort at Longboat key Club which is in Sarasota, Florida. This is the place where summer never ends. They have some great tennis courts, two fantastic golf courses, eight restaurants and lounges, and a wonderful pool area. The pool area is accessible. They do have a lift into the pools. One of the restaurants even offers poolside service.

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