We are going to talk some more about this and the kind of trip they are going to give your developmentally disabled young adult. I am not quite sure of the age range that they will take.

  • They are going to have one staff member for every three to five travellers. The staff is there to make sure that everyone is safe and having fun. They are also going to make sure everyone does what they need to when it comes to personal hygiene, money exchanges and interacting with everyone around. They do not do one on one care.
  • When you inquire about a trip for your developmentally disabled person, you are going to go through a lot of paperwork to make sure your child will be a good fit. They know what they are looking for, and it is people who can be fairly independent.
  • They are going to put two people in each room. Everyone is going to get his own bed though.
  • Travellers are going to need medical insurance on any international trip. And these are your costs. And you must have the proof of that insurance to the Minications two weeks before the trip begins.

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