We are going to get back to our discussion of Disney and some tips that will help you.

  • Disney simply has way too much for anyone to see and do in a vacation’s time. No one can do a Disney park in a day’s time, no one. And when you add that fact to to the fact that your special needs child is probably going to need more breaks and rest times, you’re probably just going to have to make yourself see whatever you can see and forget everything else. Either that or make more than one trip.
  • Disney wants everyone to have the best time possible when you are visiting their parks. And that includes those with special needs. Disney has passes that will allow a special needs person and their family to not have to wait around in lines. The first day that you are there, you will want to go to Guest Services. When you are there, a Cast Member is going to take a digital picture of your child, and then they will link one of these passes to your child’s Magic Band. You will want to let the person know how many people are in your party. Once you have that pass, a lot of the attractions will allow you ask for a return time so that you do not have to wait around in line. Now you can only do this for one attraction at a time. Please keep that in mind.

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