• Children are different.. Some children love adventure, and do whatever they do to get it. Other children are going to be very timid. Most children are going to be somewhere in the middle. If one of your children doesn’t want to ride a certain ride, you probably don’t want to make them. If the other people of your family want to ride it, part of your family can ride, and the other part of the family can stay with the person that doesn’t want to ride. And then you can switch places.
  • Disney understands that families need breaks from crazy fun rides all of the time. They do have some slower rides. There are also first aid centers at each of their parks. These will be air conditioned, and you can just relax there.
  • Cast Members have been trained to help those with special needs. They may be able to help encourage those with special needs to ride more rides and things like that. They will be able to help you with all kind of things. Just ask them.

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