Holiday travel

If you haven’t been reading this blog more than a year, you might not know that I absolutely love the holidays. And I’m sorry, but Halloween does not count in my book. I love the plays and the parties of the holiday season, hopefully we are going to get back to some of that this year. We’ll see. But today let’s start looking at some holiday travel tips for those with special needs.

  • If you are going to be flying, you do not want to forget to let the airline knew that you will be flying with someone who has special needs. They should have people that will help you every step of the way. That has been my experience at least. What I’m reading right now says that it is hard to beat the first on, first off thing. That kind of puzzles me, because while we were always the first on, we were also always the last off. I’m wondering if that was because I had to have MY chair. I can not sit in normal wheelchairs.
  • Let your special needs child know everything about the trip. Sometimes you just tell them, sometimes you make them a book. Let them know about the different things that you will be getting to do.

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