More holiday tips

  • Any time you are about to take a trip to visit your family, you are going to want to call them first and update them on anything new with your special needs child. Grandparents and other family are going to want to spoil your children. They will want to give them foods that they do not usually get. But when giving special needs children something special, you might really mess things up. Talk to your family about what happens when you give them the wrong foods. Let them know what it’s like when your child gets overstimulated.
  • Remember to have those ipads charged and ready to go. Traveling time is not when you want to limit screen time. Hopefully your will be too busy enjoying family to worry about devices while you are there.
  • I like getting in the car and not stopping until we get to wherever we are going. But that’s a lot harder to do when you have children. Plan to make some stops along the way. You are going want to bring food on your trip. You never know when someone might get hungry. Bring foods that your family enjoy are are eating without making a mess.

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