• You know you’re your children, even your special needs child, better than anyone. You will know whether they enjoy trying new foods, or prefer sticking to the foods they know and love. You know when they’re to the point where they need to slow down for a time, and how they best slow down. You’d know what they like and what they don’t like. You are going to be wise to use that knowledge when you are on trips.
  • I know that photos are usually part of any family gathering. And yes, I kxnow that some families have the tradition of buying new, matching outfits. But your special needs child is probably going to need to wear that nw outft a time or two before the big day.
  • You’re probably pretty good at rolling with the punches by this point. But is your larger family prepared? Do you know that your little one may need some more down time than what might be considered normal? Are they going to be able to handle the meltdowns?

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