More on holidays

I’ve lost all four of my grandparents by this point. I miss them dearly, especially this time of year. But when they were alive, we used to go up to see them each year. They lived in the same small town. There are eight children in my family, one of my aunts had six children, the other had five. Getting together was lots of fun, but it was also pretty chaotic. If you have a family that is anything like mine, get togethers were full of laughter and rowdy fun, and you have a child who gets overwhelmed by noise, please take them some headphones.

Instead of always going to everyone else’s house, have them come to you. True, you may have to do some more work. But your special needs child will likely feel more comfortable in his own home

. Have you put internet on their devices? If they will not have internet in the car, put some apps on their devices that they can use without internet.

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