I was not at all happy with how I did on work yesterday. Let’s look at some holiday travel tips.
Any time you are traveling, but maybe especially during holiday times, you want to book as early as you can. This will help you get the best price. This also helps ensure that you get exactly what you want. Thanksgiving is the latest that you should book your Christmas vacations. Can you be flexible on your travel dates? Christmas seems to be the time when most everyone wants to take time off of work. Take advantage of that, and relax and have fun.


More on Bliss

I’ll be honest, I’ve heard different things when it comes to special needs and cruises. Some people say that anyone can go on cruises without any problems. Ships are making themselves more accommodating. And I do know that cruises are making kids’ clubs more special needs friendly. But other people say that special needs people can’t get everything out of cruises that they would like. I think, from everything that I have read, that what’s not accessible is getting on and off the cruise ships themselves. So where that is going to hurt you is on the excursions. But let’s get back to the Norwegian Bliss

  • You are going to pay for alcoholic beverages. I don’t know what they do as far as soft drinks and things like that. Some charge, others do not.
  • They also charge for the extras, like spa treatment and their their Go Karts..
  • You should know that Norwegian has a lot of different restaurants to choose from. Some you pay for, others you do not.
  • Yesterday we said that entertainment in the main theater usually free. Here you will find a mix of Broadway Shows and comedy shows.
  • You are going to have four pools, some are more family friendly. There are also a number of hot tubs. And of course, there is a great waterpark.

Norwegian Bliss

I think we are going to end the year by looking at Norwegian Cruise Line’s Bliss. This ship entered into service in 2018, so it’s fairly new.. And by the way, I do hear that cruises are back in business. You may want to look at planning one in 2022.. And I would love to be the one to help you plan one. Please let me know if you are interested..

But anyway, this ship has a 1,700 member crew, and can take 4000 passengers at a time. This ship is part of Norwegian’s Breakaway Plus class. They do have Norwegian’s Haven, which is their highest level of accommodations. And in The Haven, you are not only going to get some very nice suites, but you will also receive a much higher level of service. You will have your own restaurant, your own pool, and a special coincierge service. You should know that a lot of things come with the price of the fare, whether or not you are in The Haven.

  • You are going to be able to eat in the main dining room without charge. You will be able to do the same at their buffet and some restaurants.
  • Getting into their theater will be free, as is most of their daily events.
  • You will also have access to the gym and the waterpark..
  • And the kids’ club will also be no charge.

I have four days left of work this year. I’m kind of not sure what to do with myself.. I’m not sure it’s time to start any big projects. I’m thinking I’ll do my blogs and then try to relax some more this week. Let’s look at some more reasons to travel at Christmas.
I am going to say this again, flying on Christmas Day is going to be very inexpensive. That is the day that everyone else doesn’t want to fly. So not only is it going to be less expensive, you are likely not going to be having to fight crowds. So you will be less frazzled. You will have more room on the airplane. Maybe you and your family want to enjoy a more normal Christmas Eve celebration and then head out somewhere Christmas morning.

  • Are you aching to have a white Christmas? You might want to try Vermont. Though that didn’t quite work out in the movie.
  • Or you might be wanting to get out of all the white stuff. You will want to consider Mexico or Cancun.

I have plans with friends later on. ’tis the season.. We always went to see my grandparents around Christmas. I personally loved it. Now that our grandparents are longer with us, we gather with my siblings. That is fun too.

Christmas seems like the time to gather with family. You can also travel with family this time of year. Why? This is one of the times of year where everyone does take time off work. It is a very quiet time for most businesses.

Flying is also pretty inexpensive during Christmas. December twenty-fourth to twenty-sixth are great INexpensive days. Everyone else wants to be where they want to go for Christmas.

I think I need to make some changes on what I’m doing with these blogs. My hope is to do a lot more reading on blogs, and figure out what they’re doing. I don’t think anyone is sharing their links each day, so I’m not going to do that. I’m sure some of you are quite relieved.

Let’s get to some more tips on camping.

You want everyone to have jobs that they can do. Little ones are going to be able to pick up pine cones, and you can use those to make your fire. Children in wheelchairs could help you keep up with what you’re making at each of your meals. They may also be able to help you to keep up with the other children.

What does your special needs child need to sleep? Are there stuffed animals they do not like to sleep without? Take those. Is there a blanket that they do not sleep without? Take it.

Long ago, when I was little, we went camping with our church group. One of the things that I remember doing is playing games with different friends. Playing games is something I can do with others.


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But I’m really not sure that I’m doing this affiliate marketing thing right at all. I’m kind of frustrated with the whole thing. Don’t know what I am doing. I am going to be doing some research and thinking through what I want to do.

And I know that exactly a week from today, I am going to be tying everything up, and will not be returning to work until after the first of the year.

I know we’ve done travel tips for special needs parents ad nauseum, so today we are going to do something a little different and look at tips for camping with a special needs child. I don’t really camp anymore. I think my back is too old and messed up to sleep on the ground. And my parents and I aren’t going to buy a camper at this point in our lives

  • You are going to want to think through why you want to go camping. Are you going to want to just go through campground life? Or are you camping to get a somewhat inexpensive place to stay? Either way, you will want to do your research and figure out the best places for you and your family to go.
  • You will want to make sure everyone in your family knows the rules of camping. Have them clearly written out. Read them out to those who can read.
  • Make sure your children sure how to get in touch with you if they should get lost somehow.

Hotels accommodating

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I was working on my ebook, and I started thinking about accommodations special needs people may need hotels to make for them. Let’s look at that some today.

  • Hotels often put several pieces of furniture in a room, making it hard for anyone to get around, much less those who are in wheelchairs. Are you going to really need all of it? Hotels also try to make their accessible rooms somewhat bigger.
  • Are people in your family allergic to a lot of different things? Go on and let your hotel know which foods are going to work best for you. If they are going to be willing to accommodate you, that is less food that you will need to bring.
  • And of course, you can be allergic to more to than just food a. Do you need a certain kind of sheet? Let the hotel know before you arrive.

More travel tips

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And now let’s look at some more trip tips.

  • When you do go out of the country, you will want to plan on a day or two of rest when you first arrive. Plan on another day or two of downtime when you return from your trip.
  • Taking a friend on a vacation usually seems to make everything more interesting for everyone, especially if you have a long drive to wherever you are going. Taking a friend along can be really helpful when you have a special needs child. The friend can stay at the hotel with your special needs child if he needs to rest. The friend could also go out with your other children should your special needs child need some Mommy time. Consider paying your friend’s way if she is going to do a lot of work.