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I have made a decision about when I am going to stop working for Christmas. I am going to work the twenty-third, and then take off. I haven’t decided quite yet when I am going to get back to work. Okay, and now we are going to look at some more camps for special needs children.

  • The first one we are going to look at is US Adaptive Recreation Center, and it is in California. Your camp is going to be enjoying lake fun at Big Bear Lake. You can choose to send your special needs child for just the day or longer than that. They have fully trained volunteers that will help your child with whatever they need.
  • There is also a camp very close to Lake Tahoe, and it is called Achieve Tahoe. They have been around for over fifty years. They have a well trained staff and volunteers. And they are going to accept most any disability.
  • Camp Arroyo, which I assume is also in California. They are going to accept developmentally disabled children from six years old to twenty-two years old. There is one counselor for each child here.

2 thoughts on “More camps

  1. Camp Arroyo is indeed in California like Tahoe and Achieve.

    Specifically a town near Oakland.

    Run by the Taylor Family Foundation which is based in that town.

    Have a good Christmas season personally and professionally!

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