Hotels accommodating

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I was working on my ebook, and I started thinking about accommodations special needs people may need hotels to make for them. Let’s look at that some today.

  • Hotels often put several pieces of furniture in a room, making it hard for anyone to get around, much less those who are in wheelchairs. Are you going to really need all of it? Hotels also try to make their accessible rooms somewhat bigger.
  • Are people in your family allergic to a lot of different things? Go on and let your hotel know which foods are going to work best for you. If they are going to be willing to accommodate you, that is less food that you will need to bring.
  • And of course, you can be allergic to more to than just food a. Do you need a certain kind of sheet? Let the hotel know before you arrive.

One thought on “Hotels accommodating

  1. Good point, Sarah, about other common allergies to substances and chemicals.

    For example: fur and dander often end up on sheets.

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